Welcome to persizes

We are a platform connected to e-commerce that indicates the ideal size of clothes in differentiated experiences with avatar and fit sense.

Innovation and Inclusion

With PerSIZES, we included purchases from people who didn't due to lack size options. In PerSIZES experience you see your body in avatar.

Basket Lost

Assertive sales with PerSIZES, without more Shopping carts lost because of size doubts or lack of trust.


With PerSIZES you don't have cost with returns or refunds.

Growth Sales

PerSIZES uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend new clothes to customers.

Customer Style Insight

PerSIZES provide information of customers to retail. Basic information to size grid and basket information.

Style Consulting

PerSIZES provides style consulting services to its customers as an online store differential.


Be recognized as reference on size data to market.

Values and Essence

Inclusion, innovation, facility, result and technology

Your satisfied customer and Fan of Brand.

Provide comfort and practicality to your customer, use PerSize Service.

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